Scully Speaks on Secret Outlast Clear Gel

About a month ago, sent me a deodorant to try in their Spring Fever Vox Box.  Influensters aren’t told ahead of time what they are getting, so I had no idea what was coming in the box!  Watch me unbox my first Vox Box on my YouTube channel here.  (I will do a review for the other products in the box soon, and will insert the link here when I do so.)  This is my review of Secret Outlast Clear Gel. “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.” Right off the bat I will tell you that when I saw I had a deodorant to test, I was happy!  Here was a product that I knew in the very least I would get some use out of, or in the very least, be able to keep as a spare or back up.  Between my twin 10 year old girls, my husband, and I, someone was going to be able to use this product!  After I picked up the deodorant and took a look at it though, my heart sank a little because I DO NOT like gel deodorants.  They feel sticky, take too long to dry, and I don’t notice any better perfomance from them.  What is the main reason people like clear deodorants?  No white marks!  Of course, Secret’s hashtag for the campaign is, shockingly, #whitemarksfail and #nowhitemarks. Have you ever heard of the Deo Dance?  It’s the little jig you do when you’ve already applied your deodorant and you are trying to get dressed without getting white marks on your clothes.  Here’s my Deo Dance on Vine called “The Over Head Scrunch and Pull.”  When Influenster sends you a vox box, they say it is complimentary.  In all honesty, they really do encourage participation though.  So, I set out to try this deodorant in which I truly had no excitement for or faith in.

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

Secret Outlast Clear Gel

The first thing I did was smell the deodorant.  The scent is listed as “completely clean.”  I really like the way this stuff smells.  The smell by itself got me compliments from my husband and children, among other people.  If I chose to wear a body spray or perfume that day (I love LOTS of different types of sprays and perfumes), the deodorant did not alter or effect the perfume negatively.  In fact, it really compliments Ulta’s Fresh Water Mist body spray and Adam Levine For Her. Does it work? HECK YES.  I live in College Station, Texas, and it is the beginning of summer, which means it is HOT already.  Heat means sweat.  What better time to try this stuff out?!  It worked wonderfully the first day, the odor protection was exactly what I needed.  This deodorant claims 48 hour protection.  My thought to this was, “Why would I go two  days with out a shower or reapplying deodorant?”  I’m sure someone needs two full days of protection, maybe Sasquatch?  Eh, probably not, I imagine he doesn’t use deodorant.  A camping trip would definitely call for this heavy duty deodorant.  This stuff lasted me all through the day and kept me feeling dry.  Like most gel deodorants it did take a minute to dry upon application, but it was worth the wait.

Cap off

Cap off

I felt so confident in Secret’s product that I allowed my husband to give it a try.  I knew I’d be writing a review so I really wanted to know how far this deodorant could go.  It’s important that I tell you, my husband is the maintenance supervisor for a college property in town.  This mean he works outside, in the HOT TEXAS SUNSHINE AND HEAT.  He sweats copious amounts and any deodorant that can handle that man is to be praised.  The results?  Not only did it work, he asked me, “I don’t want you to ever buy me another deodorant.  Seriously, Honey, I want you to buy me more…in a more manly scent of course!”  Since I’d already gotten a few uses, and felt that I had a good grip on what the product was about, I just gave him the rest of it.  Who wants a stinky maintenance man around? 🙂  After returning to my old deodorant (Dove Go Fresh Restore in Blue Fig & Orange Blossom…which also claims 48 hour protection) I started to notice that I didn’t like it anymore.  It didn’t last as long, protect from odor as well, or make me feel as dry as the Secret had.  The only benefit Dove had left to offer was how great it treats my skin.

Secret Outlast Gel Clear is applied on the left, Dove Go Fresh "Restore" is applied on the right

Secret Outlast Gel Clear is applied on the left, Dove Go Fresh “Restore” is applied on the right

The only negative about Secret Outlast Clear Gel (which sells for about $4.59-VERY AFFORDABLE) is that unlike my previous deodorant, after I am done shaving it stings pretty bad.  The sting does wear off after a minute or so.  So, if you can tolerate that minor inconvenience, I would recommend buying this to anyone.  I think I’ll be buying this for my entire household from now on in fact. Bottom Line? I’m sold, forever.  I’m a convert to gel deodorants.  No wait, that’s a lie.  I’m a convert to SECRET OUTLAST CLEAR GEL.  I can’t wait to try a few other scents, although I love the scent completely clean. No more Deo Dancing for me! Maybe I should loan this lady my Secret Outlast Gel Clear? 

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