Fresh Idea for Christian Chicks

Christian ladies I have a question for you!! Please do me the honor of answering this: Would an online-only group of down-to-earth believing women, being upfront and honest about their real struggles, doubts, and joys, be something you would be interested in interacting with or joining? Would a companion website with short blogs and encouragements enrich your involvement? A place where there’s more “Being Real” and less “wearing a mask” type stuff?

God has put a really awesome idea on my heart, and I’m looking for a few writers, leaders, and lots of prayers! Please leave feedback in the comments. If you would be interested in joining me in getting this started (or know of someone who would) please comment!

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Do you think women’s ministry in the church needs to be shaken out of the “nice church lady” stereotype? What are we missing in women’s ministry?

Love is Giving More and Never Keeping Score


6 thoughts on “Fresh Idea for Christian Chicks

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Any thoughts? Please Comment!

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