Scully Speaks on Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure ….confessions of a nail biter

Are you a nail biter like me? Answer my poll!

As a child, I always admired my mother’s beautiful finger nails.  They were always perfectly manicured in a lovely, soft, feminine shade and I just knew that when I grew up I wanted my hands to look just like hers.  My younger sister also had really pretty naturally beautiful nails, even when we were children.  Even my step-mother had really nice looking nails, even though she kept them shorter because she was a talented pianist.  Everywhere I looked, the women around me seemed to have gorgeous nails that I would have done anything to have myself.  That is, everything EXCEPT quit my worst habit.  You see, I was a nail biter.  I wasn’t just a regular bad habit type nail biter, it was border line compulsive for me…..and still is!  I finally decided over time that I would just have to settle for plain old nail polish and stubby nails.

Confessions of a nail biter!

Confessions of a nail biter!

One Christmas, I received some stick on nails from a relative.  As I tore back the first strip of wrapping paper and saw what was inside, I began to get really excited.  I started ripping off the paper, only to find these nifty little stick on nails!  I don’t remember who bought them for me, and I doubt they knew that this sweet and inexpensive gift had quickly become such a precious treasure to the 10-year old version of myself.  I applied the stick on nails, and had fun for a little while.  Of course, they started popping off in no time.  I was slightly disappointed, but a little relived as well (little girls don’t play well in long nails!).

Fast forward 2013.  I’m still a terrible nail biter, but I do my best not to allow my nail biting to rule me.  I get acrylics put on when my budget allows it, and I love painting my nails fun colors and buying new polish.  Acrylics are expensive, and polish smudges and takes forever to dry.  But that’s just how it goes for a nail biter in today’s beauty world…right??

Recently I received a new product in my Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box made by Broadway Nails called “imPress Press-on Manicure.” My first reaction, was hesitant excitement.  I had heard about stick on nails trying to make a come back, but I was pretty skeptical of them working.  None the less, I was getting a chance to try them out, so I was hopeful that I had finally found a budget-friendly product to solve my nail biting problem.

imPress shade Holla24

imPress shade Holla24

Alcohol prep pad

Alcohol prep pad

The pattern/shade I received was called Holla24, and it was perfect for me! I had plans on dying my hair black the next day, so I knew these would have the look I wanted.  Inside the package it comes with 12 different sizes and and alcohol pad to prep your nails with.  The box claims that the manicure will last for up to 1 week.

After opening up the package, I followed the instructions inside the package.  (You can find accurate directions and tips on the imPress website here.)  First I laid all the nails in the package out and held them on top of my nail to find the right size.  This was very easy for me.  TIP: Make sure you put the nails on the right way, not upside down! Many people get this confused and try putting them on upside down, with the curvy part facing the nail tip.  The curved part goes on the cuticle side and the squared part goes on the tip.  I used the alcohol pad on all of my nails, made sure they were dry and then applied them to all of my nails by removing the sticky part.  This was very easy and it took no time, maybe 10 minutes.  I really loved how these looked!

Manicure in Minutes!

Manicure in Minutes!

The space between the cuticle and the nail was covered very well, and the shine made it seem like a flawless top coat.  Great shine, and no dry time!  Although it doesn’t look quite like salon quality, it still looked really great to me! I would defintely wearing these in public, and I am looking forward to buying more shades of them.



As a mom, being able to apply these quickly is a must! This product has no dry time and sticks on immediately, so I did not have to wait on the application or drying process at all.  The only downside, was that they did not last in water very long.  I do not have a dishwasher, so after doing a full sink of dishes the next day, and bathing my son and dog that night, the nails started coming off.  I was able to do the tasks I needed to do, but the nails aren’t very resilient in my opinion.  I would still like to give these another go though, because they are really affordable ($5.99-$7.99 retail) and the patterns are so much fun.  I can’t wait to try them again!

Final Result

Final Result

Visit imPress by Broadway at their website here.

Broadway Nails on Facebook and Twitter.

Accurate product information can be found here on Influenster.

Are you a nail biter who still loves nail polish? How do you cope with your habit?  Please comment, I’d love to interact with you! I’m also on Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram YouTube Tumblr


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