Minnie Mouse is all grown up! OPI


Minnie Mouse (short for Minerva Mouse, and first seen in the Comic Strip “The Gleam in 1942) has always been a fun feminie cartoon character with a love for pink and red colored dresses, polka dots, high heels, and big pretty bows atop her mousy head.  She loves shopping for the latest fashion, bow making, gardening, dancing, and music.  When she’s not trying on new heels and making bows with her equally feminine bff, Daisy Duck, she’s riding around town with her bf Mickey in his little red coupe.

Minnie is a Fashionita!

Minnie is a Fashionita!

She’s never the “bad guy” and always gets out of a rut with help from Mickey.  She’s also got a feisty side, and it’s no secret that Mickey couldn’t save her without Minnie’s shrewdness and wit.  She says what she thinks, and always stands up for herself.  As a motherly mouse, Minnie tends to have the voice of reason as part of the Sensational Six.  The only time you see a glimmer of her temper, is when Mickey forgets their date, Figaro is being mischevious, Pete is scheming, Daisy’s hyper-activity is over-running the bow shop, or Donald’s temper is ruining the day.  Needless to say, no one hates Minnie Mouse, minus the slightly annoying pitch of her voice.  Most girls, and grown up women, see something in Minnie they admire and it’s not suprising.  She’s a feminine icon and keeps her man in check!  Not to mention she is admired by her circle of friends, and never has a bad fight with Daisy, while managing to always give her sound advice regarding Donald  without offending her!

Today while I was mindlessly flipping through a trial issue of People StyleWatch, I saw my beloved Minnie Mouse, all grown up and doing so in style!  Replacing her red bow with a hip flower shaped accesory, (or perhaps a flower shaped mini-organza hat), she also trades out her traditional red polka dot dress for a chic ankle length evening gown.  Her eyeshadow is more sultry, and she’s wearing a healthy dose of cheek color.  Her lashes are still as pretty and long as ever!

4 of the 5 shades in the Couture de Minnie collection by OPI

4 of the 5 shades in the Couture de Minnie collection by OPI

Magazine Cover Mouse (Liquid Sand) - Strawberry red with white and red glitter (matte finish)

Magazine Cover Mouse (Liquid Sand) – Strawberry red with white and red glitter (matte finish)

Minnie’s grown up makeover is credited to OPI.  On June 1, 2013 OPI released a line of polishes called Couture de Minnie as part of their summer line.

Chic From Ears to Tail – Bubblegum pink with fine shimmer
A Definite Moust-have – Fuchsia with fine shimmer
Minnie Style – Clear polish with white and red hexagonal glitter
Innie Minnie Mightie Bow – Crimson with fine shimmer
Magazine Cover Mouse (Liquid Sand) – Strawberry red with white and red glitter (matte finish)

fashion minnie

Minnie’s Wardrobe Changes on the Runways of London, Milan, Paris, and New York.

The idea of Minnie being fun for women even when they are “all grown up” was really ingenious on the part of OPI.  The timing for this campaign was straight from marketing 101. The idea of summer is to be fun, silly, and to let your inner child run free.  What better season to bring Minnie back to life for adult women?  It’s also great for young girls to see Minnie grow up and still be feminine, independent, and empowering.

Couture de Minnie by OPI

Couture de Minnie by OPI

I can’t wait to go out and try these new polishes!  Besides all the fun with Minnie Mouse, the shades of these polishes would be great for Valentines Day or for a romantic date night.  The shades themselves are beautiful, and the liquid sand polish is just gorgeous.

What do you think of OPI’s all grown up version of Minnie?  Do you love it or think Minnie should be left alone how she is?  Is Minnie for grown ups, too or just for children?  Will you be buying this collection?

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