How to be EPIC

EPIC.  The word carries a focused intensity and a heavy burden of responsibility.  We search out a partner to be a part of our own personal EPIC love story.  To fail miserably (and sometimes humourously) is called an EPIC fail.

If we do something EPIC, we may eventually achieve legendary status.  To be legendary means being remembered, being treasured, and exalted.  Legends transcend time, distance, and cultures.  Leaving our mark on this Earth, the memory we leave is unable to be erased if we are a legend.

Is that what we are truly seeking, to leave our mark with an ultimate permanent marker?  To make sure we are not forgotten?  We crave being noticed.  We want to be told our talents, skills, or personality are extraodinary.  Many young talents, from the publishing world to showbiz, are more focused on “being famous” than crafting, weaving, and developing into something brilliant.

Social media and social networking is widely popular because it allows us to make our voice heard, and to be noticed.  Have you ever tweeted a company or celebrity?   If they retweet, reply to, or favorite your tweet, you feel so important, “OMG they noticed me, ME!!”  If they don’t answer (expectedly), after a slight feeling of disapointment, we say, “oh well, I know there’s a good chance they read it at least.”  Why do we even care? Celebrities are EPIC wannabes like the rest of us.  (I’m sure you can recall at least one celebrity who has been on “Where are they now?”)

To not matter is the fear that steers most of us in many of our major decisions in life.  Regardless if you admit it or not.  You disagree?  Have you decided to have children?  Even if the thought was a very small one, having children makes us live on beyond the years we are alloted.  Either by name, or by being recalled by our offspring with a “Good ole Mom or Good ole Dad” reference.

people-29443_640So how can we be EPIC?    Let’s say you’ve already examined your personal motivation for whatever you do, and you are fearless.  You’ve conquered your personal insecurities and being noticed couldn’t matter less to you.  You just LOVE to sing, write, compose, play your instrument, paint, do photography, go running, play sports, or whatever it is you do.  In that case, you already are EPIC.  The definition of EPIC is “heroic”.   To be heroic is defined as “exhibiting or marked by courage and daring.”  Heroes  slay monsters and face their fears without hesitation or doubt.

superman-115895_640To be EPIC or heroic, you must examine your motivations, face your fear of being noticed, slap that “monster” in the face, and tell it that it has no hold over you.  Once you’ve done that, you can begin to do what you love with passion, ambition, and purely motivated desire.  You don’t have to worry about followers, fans, “likes” on your page, or facebook “friends”.  THAT is EPIC, doing what you love everyday, passionately, just because you want to.

Love is Giving More and Never Keeping Score

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44 thoughts on “How to be EPIC

      • I follow and present my blog. Those that follow back, read, or interact do so on their own will from there. So yes and no, yes I follow as an invitation, but there is more to it then just that… if you want to gain an audience.

      • I like your method. I really need some more traffic, and you’ve certainly written about how to make that happen. That’s how I saw your blog in the first place, when you followed me! Seeing as how you follow SO MANY bloggers, you don’t happen to remember where you stummbled upon mine? Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Any suggestions or hints?

      • I have always wanted to write so I just decided to go for it so to speak. I’ve managed to get 50 likes on my blog’s FB page, which I created about a month ago (although I have 1000+ fb friends, whom I know personally, and I have invited them all to LIKE it and thus view my blog). I have a YouTube channel as well with almost 350 views. I’ve started using Twitter more and I opened a Tumblr a few weeks ago. Short of advertising (no room in my budget for that right now) and following everyone I can find, I’m struggling to bring viewers in. I want to improve as a writer and get REAL feedback and interaction, but it’s just not happening. I feel like I’m having a hard time engaging people. I noticed that you have nearly 300,000 views in only 7 months. Maybe I need to post more frequently?

      • Well, I wrote how I did it in my ebook. You don’t need to “pay” for any advertising to get views and your views won’t come from friends and family, not on a daily basis. Why should they care what you write when they know you? You have to engage and find other bloggers that are writing like you.

      • I have also strongly argued that posting and good writing are only a small part of blogging. It only takes up 33.3% of my time, according to my business model.

      • I’m not terribly close with friends and family. When I said “personally know” I just meant that they aren’t strangers. The people on my friends list are VERY diverse (from wildy varied personalities to religions to sexual orientation to age group and gender) and from all over the country. As of now, the content on my blog has only been product reviews and some of my personal insights. I enjoy the “product tester/beauty blogger” side of the universe, but they can be so dense and air headed at times. As I am no longer persuing a professional music career, I don’t fit with the aspiring musicians either. The time I spend reading books has become limited in the last year, so I’m a little out of the loop in the book worm bloggosphere. There’s my faith that I could write a lot about, but because I am looking to interact with a wide range of people and I have MANY interests, I don’t want to overpopulate my blog with posts about my beliefs. Could my problem be that I want to write about too many things? I don’t think I could handle writing more than one blog. Thanks for letting me unload on you a bit, I could use some guidance.

      • I’ll have to go pick that up and then blog about it 🙂 Need to pay you back for the great advice I got from you earlier. I had the most views I’ve ever had in one day today, 57 🙂

      • I went to your twitter and took a look at who you follow, because you said you only read a select few blogs. I followed some people who looked interesting who had blogger or writer in their description. After they followed me back, I read at least one or two posts from each person, and liked at least one post/page on their site and commented on a few. I then direct messaged each one individually on Twitter and complimented something about a specific post on their page. Or told them something I admired about their site. And then I asked for feedback and/or advice. I actually interacted with 10 different people! I gained followers on twitter and a handful on here, too. I’m sure I’ll have more tomorrow 🙂 It was the bomb 🙂

      • 9.99, a bit expensive for an ebook… but it basically has my blogging knowledge of 6 months. I think that is a fair price considering I did most of the “thought work” lol…

  1. Wow, I wasnt sure what to expect past the excerpt but I think you nailed it!

    ive thought about what I want from my blog and I think a big part of it is to have a buzz. Id love for people to know who I am and recognize me. How cool would it be to get cited by some huge big time blogger?

    • Thank you for the compliment! I started thinking about bloggers and internet personalities overall and I realized that a lot of bloggers are searching out how to be the next big thing, rather than focus on content and connection. Let alone making an impact and creating something for themselves!

      I am so excited to look through more of your blog, there’s so much interesting content.

  2. As far as when to post… use a 3rd party stat counter. I use and they log the hours of the day you get your visitors. You’ll see when the most people check in. that might give you a better guage as to when most people are on looking at the kinds of things you write.

  3. Glad to see you are connecting and growing in the blogosphere!

    I’m so glad you made this post! Much too often we are concerned with the byproducts of achieving our goals and not the goals themselves. The dazzling consumerism of celebrity often obscures the artistic craft. In this sense, I agree with your movement to transcend the noise and become, as you termed, EPIC. However, I would like to add that being EPIC is more than doing what you love. There will be good days and bad days regardless of how much you love your job, your partner, etc. Thus, like our beloved heroes in literature, we must not only seek to better ourselves to reach our full potential but stand resilient in the face of adversity as well.

  4. Friend I love your writing. Write for the love and passion of writing. Beware my friend for you surely will meet the literary police out on this highway of correct verbage and sentence stucture bridges. Don’t stop or get downon yourself, just keep moving forward!
    I myself just started blogging and twitting this year publically. I have been writing for years but not sharing totally of myself.
    I write for the freedom of freeing my words like running through a meadow. I get rush of endorphins when I write. I write for the love of writing.

    • Such encouragement! Thank you! Freedom is the one thing I have heard from other writers as the #1 reason that they blog at all. I am excited to see what is in store on your blog as well!

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  8. Loved your conversation with OM!

    I followed his advice early on – connecting with folks in Blogtopia and have made some wonderful friends in just a couple of months. One asked me if I would come live with her for a couple of months to minister to her. 🙂 Others call me or we e-mail. I’d say I have a great tribe of 50 or so who genuinely care about me – and I care about them as well. It’s like having another family!

    We comment on one another’s blogs, readability, and quietly draw their attention to spelling/punctuation/grammar errors. We want one another to shine in our writing.

    From past experiences (2009 – 2013) Making my blog all about me, for me, didn’t work very well. I was writing a book and thought I’d keep friends/family up to date…and the world would be eager to hang on my every word.

    That didn’t turn out to be the case. Family/friends saw me all the time and knew how the book process was going. they didn’t need to hunt for my blog to find out. The rest of the world had no interest whatsoever.

    During those four years I had a whopping 426 views TOTAL!, and not a single follower. This time around I had that many in three weeks…thanks to OM’s advice. I currently add 10-20 followers per week, and a country or two per week as well. It’s so exciting to have this opportunity!

    You’ve got a great style. I’ll bet your followers will begin to expand exponentially in no time at all!

    Keep up the great work – and let me know how things are going here from time to time, okay? I’m curious!

    Praising Jesus for my new Blood relations!

    • Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! You’ve taken the time to really comment and connect with me and I really appreciate your input. I’ve added 150 followers this week. I like to write about a variety of topics and to a variety of different people. Ive noticed that bloggers get really tired of self-promotion, so I try to stay away from that where I can.

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