July 2013 Birchbox Review!

July Birchbox

July Birchbox

It’s Birchbox Time!! Every month, I get SO excited when my Birchbox comes in!

What is Birchbox?!

From Birchbox’s referral page: “Birchbox is the best way to discover new beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. Join to receive monthly deliveries of top product samples from high-end brands.”

Birchbox is one of my favorite things to talk about, so PLEASE fill out the contact form here to send a question to my email or ask in the comments below.

Birchbox costs $10/month.  Their rewards program helps put some of that cash back in your pocket in the form of discounts on full-size products from their store.   Now on to the review!!!

In my July box I received (from left to right):

2013-07-13 18.46.29

1. Number 4 Super Comb and Protect 

2. Juicy Couture 

3. Pur Minerals CC Cream SPF 40

4. Vivant Skin Care Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

5. Birchbox Bobby Pins

2013-07-13 18.47.30

Number 4 Super Comb and Protect

The first thing I noticed was the smell, ew! (Jimmy Fallon reference)  It smells like a musty old gym locker.  The back of the bottle says it helps to repair “too many weekends in Rio” hair.  Repair? Yes.  Unfortunately it also SMELLS like a weekend in Rio.  Once I got past the scent, (the smell does stay with your hair for awhile unfortunately) I tried to simply evaluate the effectiveness.  The spray claims to include ingredients like black currant, soy yogurt, algae, and yerba mate.  These natural conditioners combine to restore chemically damaged, over processed, and abused hair.  I followed the directions by spraying it on my towel dried hair after washing, then I combed it through.  When my hair dried, the smell had lifted somewhat, and I was left with touchable, smooth hair.  This really is one of the few miracle products I’ve found.  I wish this product smelled better, because the effect it had on my hair was awesome.  A good perfume or hair product covers up the nasty smell though.  I also tried using this on my 5 year old daughter as a detangler, and (although she noticed the strange smell, too) it worked wonders on her ringlets. The full size: $32 for 200 ml.

2013-07-13 18.46.49

Juicy Couture

After trying Viva La Juicy and Couture La La I was excited to try the original Juicy scent.  My first impression, was “whoa, that’s heady.”  After I let it set in for a bit, I liked it a lot more.  It’s very romantic, and the caramel and rose in the base notes compliment the passion fruit and mandarin really nicely.  Full size: $19-$90

Pur Minerals CC Cream in medium

Pur Minerals CC Cream in medium

CC Cream! I’ve heard about Olay’s CC cream and Julep’s DD cream.  Couldn’t WAIT to put this on.  What a disappointment!  This stuff is thick and felt really heavy on my face.  It also didnt blend well.   The BB cream by Marcelle that I use (found in my March 2013 Birchbox) doesn’t have moisturizer in it, so I really thought that CC cream would be an awesome “do-all”.  Maybe another brand makes a thinner version of CC cream that isn’t so heavy on my face.  I handed off the rest of my sample to my sister-in-law.  Full size: $38.

Vivant Skin Care Green Teas Antioxidant Cleanser

Vivant Skin Care Green Teas Antioxidant Cleanser

This cleanser is supposed to pay it’s dues to your “acid mantle.”  Your acid mantle is (according to birchbox’s website) is an “invisible film that blocks out bacteria and viruses.  Harsh cleansers can throw this natural defense mechanism out of whack.”  With grape seed and green tea extracts, I just knew my skin would love this.  You can use this on your face, or all over your body.  It made my face feel fresh and clean without any dryness or tightness.  My face has been slightly more oily in the mornings, but my morning face washing routine takes care of that (using the vivant sample.) Definitely recommend this.  Full size: $29.50

Birchbox Bobby Pins

Birchbox Bobby Pins

Too cute! As in-fashion and adorable as bobby pins are, I just don’t use them often.  My sister-in-law uses them frequently though.  I gave these to her.  I know she’ll show them off and will look adorable in them!  Full size (6 pins in 3 colors): $5.

Which item would you be most excited to try?

Want to sign-up for Birchbox?  Fill out my contact form here or for a faster response, contact me on twitter or facebook and I will happily give you the link.  You get 10 points just for signing up!…Although, there is a short waiting list before you get your invite.

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Playlist I wrote and edited this post while listening to: Amen- Dave Barnes, Hank- Ben Rector, Good Time- Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen, Free to be Me- Francesca Battistelli, Storm Warning- Hunter Hayes, Carolina- Matt Wertz, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)-from Great Gatsby-Fergie*Q-Tip*GoonRock, Requiem for a Tower- The London Ensemble, Something Beautiful- NeedtoBreathe, Inside These Lines- Trent Dabbs, Summer Nights- Rascal Flatts, The Chance- Julie Roberts, Never Let Me Go- Florence +the Machine, I Can Barely Say- The Fray, Stop this Train- John Mayer, Hallelujah- Michael Bolton, Build a Home- Cinematic Orchestra, We Owned the Night- Lady Antebellum, Eat you Alive- The Oh Hellos, Eet- Regina Spektor, Let Go- Frou Frou, The Calculation- Regina Spektor, Don’t Say No- Olivine


8 thoughts on “July 2013 Birchbox Review!

  1. Have you found out about ipsy yet? It took three months to decide on ipsy out of several boxes I looked at. Birchbox was definitely one of the possible boxes I’d pick but the I looked at ipsy’s October bag. The bags were cute and the products were good. The sample sizes are always deluxe(at least one full size in each bag) and I got to try so many new companies and products because of them.
    A sample of what could have been in the July bag! If you want to check it out feel free to visit ipsy.com but if you sign up please use my referral link:

    • I did consider ipsy, but I felt that ipsy is more about just makeup, while birchbox also includes skin care, hair care, and lifestyle (herbal tea, etc) samples. I prefer the variety. I’d love to try glossybox too!

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