The Best Dang Salad…EVER

Photo Credit: The Sassy Writer- The Best Damn Salad

Photo Credit: The Sassy Writer- The Best Damn Salad

YUM! I love Tasty Tuesday!

My dear friend, Tessa, is the author of The Sassy Writer and the Owner of Sunday Champagne.  Besides being creative, intelligent and oh-so-fashionable she is a foodie, BIG TIME.

She and her husband, Ryan (The Collective Brewing Project), spend their time around Dallas dining at fabulous places and eating delicious food, among a million other fun things.

I enjoy cooking (and eating!), but Tessa and Ryan are miniature masters.

Quick, Easy, Fabulous!  Salads in the Summer are divine.

For the recipe, click the photo or the following link!

Enjoy the Best Damn Salad!

Will you try this recipe? What is your favorite Summer Salad?

Need an appetizer to pair with? Focaccia Bread and Checca is one of my faves!

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Playlist I wrote this post to:

Ice Cream-Sarah Mclachlan, The Heart of Life-John Mayer, Matt Wertz-Everything’s Right, Summer Nights- Rascal Flatts, Eat You Alive- The Oh Hellos, Hold On- Phillip Phillips, Nobody Knows Me at All- The Weepies, One Moment Away- The Afters, Restless- Need to Breathe


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