The Plight of the Step Parent

water-36101_640There are many stepmoms out there who love their “step” daughters and/or “step” sons equally to their own children.  My “step” daughters are at their biological mom’s house for the first time in months and I miss them terribly.

My oldest girls (10 year old twins) have been gone for summer visitation since Friday,  July 19, and they will be back July 31…that day can’t get here fast enough.  I gave them a copy of this poem a year or so ago.  It demonstrates my feelings well, and if you are a step-parent I hope you will relate to this.

Pictures of them can be found at the end of this post.

I found a poem years ago that I copy and pasted onto a word document.  I didn’t write down the author’s name at the time, and I want to make it clear that I did NOT write this.  

To my “Step” daughters:

Most babies are made out of love

Between a married woman and man

Mommy carries you for nine months

And then all things go as planned

But, sometimes it doesn’t happen that way

And you find yourself apart

From Mommy or Daddy- everything you loved

And held close to your heart

Daddy and I didn’t make you

Yes this much is true

But,  just like Mommy did, I fell in love the first time I laid eyes on you

You have been through so much

So many changes good and bad

But we have always been a family

And sometimes we are all each other had

They say you are my stepdaughters

But to me you are much more

A perfect word would be MY DAUGHTERS

Daughters, that I adore

So beautiful, so brave

So smart and so fun

Your laughter is like a ray of light

Beaming from the sun

And even when the clouds start to hover

Thunder roars and it starts to rain

I will always be there for you

To help you through the day

You will always be my daughters

I will never leave you alone

And I will always love you

This I hope you’ve always known


Do you have step-children? I’d love to hear your story or feelings in the comments below.

Want to see pictures? The bottom of this post has pictures of them.

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4 thoughts on “The Plight of the Step Parent

  1. Love this, Lauren. They are so blessed to have you as their step-mom. I feel the same about the 3 girls who were in my life, as my step-daughters. Such a short time is was but a lasting love for sure!

  2. You are truly blessed to have such a loving relationship with them! My two stepsons were teens when I met their father. It was a rocky road for awhile, especially with the youngest, who still wanted his parents to reconcile. It took a long time for us to bond, but we are very close now.

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