A week for the record books

Thank you to all of my readers!!

Thank you to all of my readers!!

At the beginning of this week I mentioned that Friday would be for product reviews, sevice reviews or guest posts.  

I had originially planned on posting about the Liebster Award today.

Unfortunately, that will have to wait until Monday.

The sheer amount of traffic and interaction I have had this week I had no way to prepare for (881 views in just over 4 days when I only had 250 total for ALL of last month-June and only 19 in May) and I am completely blown away by the kindness, love, and support that has been poured out from all of you this week.  Thank you!!

I considered skipping my post on Wednesday, which was originally written for Geek Glam, because of a death in the family.  Although I could’ve just taken the day off, I really wanted to show up for my readers everyday this week and fulfill my promise to post everyday.

The toll that the week’s events has had on me has been A LOT.  So today’s post is just me saying thank you for all of your support!  If you just started following me this week, thank you for joining my little group of readers, and I hope you will enjoy my future posts.  I surely look forward to writing them!

I believe in resting for work, not working for rest.  

Rest for work, rather than work toward rest.

Rest for work, rather than work toward rest.

So I will (most likely) be less active on all social media this weekend to recuperate from all the craziness this week and to prepare for a busier schedule here in the blogosphere from now on.  I promise to get back to every single email, comment, and tweet on Monday.  God bless y’all and have a lovely weekend!

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12 thoughts on “A week for the record books

  1. I commend you for your dedication. Here you are posting everyday and I’m struggling to make my 3 days/week schedule! Good job and best of luck

    • Thank you! I don’t know if I can keep this pace up, it’s a bit difficult with 4 kids and I also try to stay off of here as much as I can in the evenings (it’s so easy to get caught up)…but I know it’s important to keep a balance between bewing a mom, wife,and blogging. My readers are very important to me, so the best way I think is just to show up when you say you will and stick to it. I may change it to 3/wk in the future, but I’m hanging in there for now 🙂

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