Migraines…enough said



I have had a migraine for the last 12 hours.  Migraines are not cured by OTC meds like tylenol, aleve, or aspirin.  If you have ever had a migraine, you will understand why I am not posting anything of value today :/  If you haven’t ever experienced the light sensitivity, skull cracking, head pounding, even-whispers-are-loud, nausea, appetite suppresion, and shoulder and neck pain a migraine offers, I am happy for you…I would not wish this upon my worst enemy.

I’ve gotten the first sliver of relief and I hope this is the beginning of feeling better.  I DID manage to answer the comments from yesterday and post a few freebies on my facebook page if you want to check them out.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!

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Playlist for writing this post: NOTHING…silence is golden today…although it’s elusive with 5 kids in the house 🙂


14 thoughts on “Migraines…enough said

  1. Migraines are the worst and people who haven’t had one just don’t understand the pain. I’m lucky enough that I have a visual aura about an hour before one hits so I can get home from work and arrange for the kids. My husband is very good about them but he still doesn’t quite understand the intensity. When I say don’t talk to me… I mean don’t talk to me!

  2. I share your pain. I also have migraine headaches. I have been having them since my son was born. I guess the 9lbs he weighed didn’t help. He is 18 now, and I still have them from time to time. What usually works for me, if I catch it before it gets to far gone, is Excedrin Migraine. I have been using them for years. They have been a life saver for me. I am not recommending them for anyone else, this is what helps me. So, I completely understand your pain. I hope you feel better….from one migraine suffer to another….:)

    • I’ve been better since yesterday, thank you! Sometimes the right combo of OTC meds work, but not always….just the right conditions. Mine increased a lot during both of my pregnancies, so I am with you on that one!

  3. I am also a migraine sufferer … If I can catch them soon enough OTC meds work but most of the time I’m just burrowed into my bed in what I call my “migraine” coma! They are awful, I started getting them my senior year of high school and get them randomly but have learned one of my triggers is over tired or exhaustion – sometimes I push myself too far without a break and then I pay! Its nice to find people who get them and understand what we deal with!

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