Scully packs!

WOOOHOOO!! I’m so excited!

We are moving into a brand new apartment!

We are moving into a brand new apartment!

After a year and a half of living at a temporary residence and dealing with the stress of being “in transition” we are finally moving!!

I just wanted to let all my wonderful readers know where I will be for the next week or so.  I will do my best to post something using the WordPress app, but I can’t promise anything.  Moving with 4 kids is a challenge to say the least!

I will try to get my post about Glossybox out tomorrow using the app like I said, but if for some reason I don’t have the time, here’s a vine that shows what I got in my glossbox!

In case I don’t get around to posting for the next week, please take the time to ask me some questions in the comment section below.  

OR make a request for future posts!  Love you all!


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30 thoughts on “Scully packs!

    • My husband is very into games and I noticed that you are starting a new YouTube channel! I always like to support fellow bloggers and YouTubers especially when they are just starting out 🙂 I probably found you through a tag using WordPress’ search engine or through OM’s blog.

      • Ah, brilliant! What sort of games does he enjoy? And yes, I am starting my channel, but just getting the equipment together and getting the hang of editing is taking a little while!

        It’s possible you found me through OM, as I follow him also and have commented a few times on his posts. Once again, thank you for the support, I very much appreciate it. 🙂

      • He plays sports games, army/war games like Medal of Honor/COD etc, and rpg’s like ratchet and clank. chances are if it’s fun and has GREAT graphics, he tries it out 🙂

      • Haha, fair enough. My YouTube channel is going to be quite a mixed bag, all the way from the likes of the original Pokémon games to Grand Theft Auto 5 when it comes out next month! What format does he mainly play on?

      • Good man! Well, I mainly play GTA4 and Hitman, so if he fancies having a game some time, he can add me on: karate_man_mike (for now, I’ll be changing over to EBEZAplaysgames once YouTube kicks off) 🙂

  1. Hope the move goes well for you, and you enjoy your new home.

    As for me and video games, I play them too, but I’m a bit pickier.

  2. Just saw you in youtube advertising some kind of drinking yogurt. Funny, the voice said it taste good but the face….sorta made a “not so sure” face at the first taste…or maybe I´m wrong.

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