Ayres Body Butter Review

Remember those random product reviews I mentioned yesterday?  This is one of them.

2014-02-21 14.10.28

 Recently, Birchbox did a Birchblogger promotion that offered  (awesome!) body butter by a company called Ayres.  11 birchbloggers would be picked to try out Ayres body butter by sending a  tweet to @Ayresbeauty and @Birchbox with what scent we would like to try.  I picked Patagonia.

From the Ayres website:

Ayres is inspired by the streets, bars and women of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since its foundation, Buenos Aires has been a unique blend of European sophistication, Latin passion and the Pampa’s breathtaking nature. Tango and Buenos Aires cafes are the greatest manifestation of this mixture of culture and nature.

Buenos Aires means “fair winds”. Winds that take us away into an imaginary world of mesmerizing aromas and naturally derived textures. Aromas that carry us away to an unforgettable vacation in Buenos Aires, an early morning walk through the endless pampas, or a drive through Patagonia’s blue lagoons. Textures that bring back memories of a sexy night in Buenos Aires or a peaceful morning in the countryside.

In traditional Spanish, the name of the city was spelled “Buenos Ayres”, hence the name of the brand – AYRES.

Ayres demonstrates beautifully how they breathe Buenos Aires culture into their product in this video:

“Ayres is the essence of passion.”

Ayres offers their product is 3 different scents.

Patagonia, Pampas Sunrise, and Midnight Tango

Patagonia, Pampas Sunrise, and Midnight Tango

Patagoniaessential oils of jasmine and rosemary

Pampas Sunriseessential oils of lemongrass and patchouli

Midnight Tangoessential oils orange blossom and vanilla 

Ayres offers not only body butter, but also shower cream, body lotion, bar soap, body polish, and a soy candle.

Patagonia- body butter when I first opened it, and the bar soap after unwrapping it.

Body butter and soap in Patagonia

I also received a bar soap in Patagonia.  I don’t use bar soap very often, but I gave it a try for blogging purposes.  The soap didn’t dry out my skin.  My husband likes bar soap, so I passed it along to him.  Patagonia is a generic smell that either gender can use, so he was very happy to have such a high quality product to use.

Midnight Tango- Texture of the body butter when I first opened it.

Midnight Tango- Texture of the body butter when I first opened it.

My favorite scent is Midnight Tango.  The body butter is very rich, but it absorbs easily and isn’t greasy in anyway.  After showering, I apply the body butter all over and I love how smooth my skin feels after using it.  My husband  mentions over and over how much he likes how it smells (who doesn’t like bonus compliments with their freebies?)

Pampas Sunrise when I first opened it.

Pampas Sunrise when I first opened it.

Pampas Sunrise is my second favorite scent.  With the winter weather being so dry, this product is a lifesaver.  My daughters’ skin has been extremely dry as well, and within one use of Pampas Sunrise, the skin irritation was completely eased.  My girls were thrilled that I let them keep it in their room.

Ayres products range from $10-$34 in the Birchbox shop.  Check them out!

Would you try any of the products above?  Let me know what you think!

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For the record, I was not required to write this review.  I received no compensation and there are no affiliate links or referral links in this post.


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