The Greatest Artist of All Time

On Monday, I wrote about pride and humility and then used the imagery of a chef to paint a picture of God’s creation.  If you’d like, do me the honor of taking a quick look at that here.

This week my posts have been focused on taking the attention away from myself  and directing the spotlight toward others.  On Tuesday, I asked you to tell me about your best post ever.  On a side note, that was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to see so many fantastic posts.

I’m going to continue on the theme of bringing our focus outside of ourselves today.

Who is the Greatest Artist of All Time?

Did you watch the video? No?  Ok, I’ll wait.  It’s not even 6 minutes long, and reading this post alone could take that long…so go ahead and watch it.  I’ve got time 🙂

Ok, now that you’ve watched the video…wait, you still haven’t?  When you’re ready to watch, come back.

Moving along now.

“Too often, instead of acting like mirrors pointing back to Jesus, we try to act like billboards, advertising ourselves. But outside of Jesus we have no ability to create. In the same way the moon can’t light up without the sun-because all it is doing is reflecting the sunlight- we can’t create or bear God’s image on our own accord. Trying to get glory for things we have done is like the moon shouting, “Look how awesome I am,” when the only reason the moon is shining in the first place is because of the sun. The brightness of the moon us BORROWED brightness.” -From Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke

Orignially, as an artist I was a flute player and singer.  I also picked up piano and guitar as well.  Singing became my true passion though.  For years, I poured my heart and soul into my art and to this day, music resonates with me more than any other type of expression.  Music speaks to our souls where words never can.

I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite song?” or “Who’s your favorite band/singer?”  1118810-bigthumbnail
…I hate that question.  I can never answer it.  The best you’ll get from me is a long list of favorites, or what song I’m feeling the most at that moment.
This is not because I’m flaky.  It’s because there is so much awesome music that is not even on the radio.  To give you a brief idea of a smattering of what I like check out my playlist on spotify.

As bloggers/writers/photographers/musicians/athletes/etc., it can be a challenge to attribute our hardwork to someone else.  But, after watching the video above, I hope you are conviced of where our creativity begins and ends.

When I came back to blogging after a 6 month hiatus, I knew God was calling me to give Him everything, which includes my blog.  I’d been fearful of losing readers or sounding narrow minded.  I also feared my creativity being limited if I announced I’d solely be posting on Christianity.  

beautiful_tree_5_by_cindyrellacheng-d46tvrrLong story short.  Everything God creates is good.  Not some or most things.  EVERYTHING.  He created me, and all of my creative outlets.  So if my post isn’t about Him that day, it’s all about Him anyway.  Just because your craft or art is not specifically about Jesus, doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t somehow point back to Him.

James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

Have you given Him your art, talent, or craft?  What’s holding you back?  It’s all His anyway.  I’d love to hear your story of struggle or success with this in the comments below.

…p.s. The guy in the video is named Jefferson Bethke, you can check out his YouTube channel here, his blog here.  Or check out his book, Jesus>Religion, here.

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40 thoughts on “The Greatest Artist of All Time

  1. In the past couple of years I heard a sermon in which the pastor explained that even those artist who blaspheme God bring glory to Him because he created them and their talent. I think the poet in the video touched on this as well. It is a heady concept. However, I want to purpose to glorify God, instead of Him being glorified in spite of me. Lately I have been learning that when we are generous with what we might see as limited abilities, God is faithful to multiply them in the most amazing ways.
    So glad you found me, so that I could find you!

  2. Really appreciate this blog post. Just taught on humility last night at our weekly youth group. God has been revealing to me lately just how absurd it is to claim credit for what we have. Sadly, I think this happens quite a bit in the context of the church. It’s easy to boast in all of our spiritual acts rather than simply praising God for the many ways in which He has blessed us. Thanks for the follow and my wife and I look forward to reading more from you.
    In Christ,

  3. This month I’m thinking on obedience and what helps us get there. I’ve gone through lots of ways — worship, scripture, service — but humility and obedience are wrapped around each other in a beautiful dance to God. I love that CS Lewis quote.
    Just yesterday I was mulling over a problem out loud and wondering which way to go with it. My husband asked which one would give God the most glory. Suddenly my answer was clear and I thought Wow. That’s how I’m going to decide my issues from now on. At least try to… Very thought provoking post.

  4. I think you know my feelings on God, so I won’t labour the point. I’m just interested to know if you’re aware of anyone who doesn’t believe in the existence of Picasso, Dali, Escher or Matisse…

      • I did notice that, I watched his video, but that wasn’t quite my point.
        He would no doubt claim that Picasso’s work is due to the direct influence of God, whereas, as an atheist I would obviously question the very existence of God, let alone his influence on human talent.
        I cannot however, think of anyone who would question the existence of Picasso, so why should they question the independence of his personal talent?
        It puzzles me, that’s all. I enjoyed your post nonetheless.

      • Well, as an atheist, it’d be improbable for this argument to hold any water. Obviously someone who doesn’t believe in God would struggle to understand Picasso’s God given gifts. Since I believe its clear to me where his gifts originated. But since you dont, feel free to give Picasso all the glory 😉

  5. Amen! I completely agree and I love Jeff Bethke! His spoken word (and spoken word in general) is truly amazing. But as you rightly put it, his and all others’ gifts are given by Christ, the greatest artist of all time! Keep pointing all your work back to Jesus Christ because working for Him gives us a life greater than any we could ever imagine! God bless.

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