Modesty isn’t a naked problem.


When we think of modesty with regards to what we should and should not wear, the first thoughts that come to people’s minds are typically “How much do I have to cover up?” or “How much do I have to cover up so that people have the perception of me that I want them to have?”

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13 thoughts on “Modesty isn’t a naked problem.

  1. Ummm i wanna ask a question dear!
    If modesty ain’t about what your wear, and wholly a heart problem, what if my heart is clean, but someone out there has a heart problem? My unappropriate dress indirectly invites him to do something wrong, then if he does that , who is responsible?

    You are very very true, that modesty starts from the heart, it should be for God not for people. But what we wear and how much we wear really matters as well. Because we live in societies, what we do, what we say, what we wear effects the rest of the society. So we should follow something that doesn’t harm the people of God. We can’t keep this thing aside. Because if it doesn’t matter, then wear nothing. And if it matters then we should understand that it really matters 🙂

    P.S Thank you so much sister for liking our blog 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to engage in discussion! First of all I would like to reference where I said this: “Am I saying that you shouldn’t cover up the parts of your body that are reserved for private moments with your spouse? That is not what I am saying. We shouldn’t dress in ways that distract our brothers and sisters in Christ. For the most part, “stumbling block” and porn addiction are brought up frequently in church, and there are more than enough verses in the bible about purity.”
      I think this planyly states you should cover up what is private and not be a distraction or bad influence on our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

      I didn’t say in anyway we shouldn’t cover up. My point was that we should be asking ourselves why we dress before we address what we wear. If you’re reasons for dressing a certain way are God-thoughts, the rest falls in line pretty easily. If we pray God will convict us as to what is wrong and right.

      As you can say, I didn’t say that it doesn’t matter. I said it matters very much, but first search your heart. After you are done being honest with yourself and God, it’s easy to make the right clothing choices.

      I hope that clears up some things for you. Is there anything else I can help clarify?


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