Sometimes God asks us to stop

My first post since April of 2014. Thank you to everyone who didn’t unfollow me while I was gone! I’m beyond grateful to have followers to return to.

I’m going to be completely vulnerable here.

After my last post, my dear husband lost his job. We’d met situations like this head on before. I wasn’t scared. I knew God would walk every step of this journey. We trusted God had a plan for us and that He would use this situation for good.

Within a month, my husband and I were packed up and on the way to Orange, Texas for a new job opportunity. With high hopes and chins held high we embraced this new chapter of our lives.

Except it was a short chapter. In fact, it was more like a paragraph.

It was not a good job for him. Things were not what we hoped. I was confused why God had dragged us across Texas.

Fast forward another month. We were on our way to Tyler, Texas in seach of a fresh beginning. Being closer to my husband’s parents in a town we’d never lived surely would give us the roots and job contentment we were so desperately seeking.

When we arrived at the house we were to be living in I was in shock. We have a family of 6. This place had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and A LOT of work to be done. What I wanted to do was scream in frustration. Instead, we embraced the challenge.

Things got worse before they got better. BUT…they did get better.

The first job he had here lasted 3 weeks. He tried working for the family business, which only led to another dissolved relationship. At that point, I was getting frustrated with God. What the HECK was He doing?! We couldn’t find a church that fit the needs of everyone in our family. We needed a place we’d all be fed and we all could serve somehow. No church. No job. Food was scarce. We struggled to keep the house warm and the lights on. The truck was broken down. There were periods of no cellphone and defintely no internet. We had an antenna to watch the local news, but we had no couch to sit on together.

I did have my bible though. Not to mention loads of quiet time to pray. It’s amazing with no cellphone or library access how much time you have on your hands to read the Word. I read more of my bible than I have in my whole life. It became clear what this time was for. I embraced the struggle, and searched after God with all I had. My faith came out stronger than ever.

THEN FINALLY…the right job came. We visited a chruch that we fell in love with. All things were being made new.

Everything worked out for good. Things are better. Things are GREAT. God carried us through every moment of the wilderness. We are still in the little house with weak floors, drafty corners, and touchy plumbing…sharing one bathroom. BUT we are so blessed to have it. We’ll be moving into a bigger place this summer, thank you Jesus!

…oh, and now I have 2 couches! 😄

Again, thank you to everyone who didn’t unfollow in my absence. Thank you for still commenting and thank you to those of you who reached out during this time to find out if everything was ok.

This video sums up our struggles and victories of the last year. God has taught me so much about who He is. He will never leave us. He IS THERE. He has a plan. He loves us no matter how bad we think our circumstances are.

I will stand my ground where hope can be found.

“O’Lord” by Lauren Diagle
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12 thoughts on “Sometimes God asks us to stop

  1. The best thing about wandering through the desert – is when you walk out of it! So good to have you back – why would we give up on you if God hasn’t? The best witness for God is one who praises him in every storm! Great song! Look forward to new words!

  2. Good for you, Sister! It is so hard sometimes to leave things in His hands and let things happen in His time, but when we do, the results are truly blessed and awesome! I can only relate too well! So keep the faith, stay strong and stay blessed!

  3. Thanks so much for jumping back in blogging. We know all to well moving and work struggles, but God always comes through. Thanks for the reminder. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Byron! It was hard to know if God wanted me to keep blogging. I was starting to think that a lot of the struggles were to stop me from serving by writing and singing. But now I know that He definitely wants me doing both!

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