Worship is not about singing

As the lights go down, you bow your head and fold your hands.  In the background a piano starts to slowly play out a moving melody. The pastor begins a heart-rending prayer and people start muttering Amens under their breath.  In a few moments the prayer comes to an end. The worship leader shouts, “Everyone stand up! Get on your feet! Let’s shout to the Lord today!”

What is worship anyway?

Half of us love praise and worship and the other half would prefer to show up 30 minutes late to the service in order to avoid it. Where’s the disconnect? As Christians why don’t we all rally as one with excitement when it’s time to worship? Why do they even call a church service “worship” anyway?

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9 thoughts on “Worship is not about singing

  1. As your token atheist reader I rarely comment on posts like this, but I’d like to say that, whatever you write about, your posts make me feel good, just because of the pure joy of your writing.

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