What am I here for?

About 7 years ago I was struck hard with a need for purpose. You’d think that getting married, being pregnant, and giving birth for the first time would give me plenty of purpose right? If you are a parent, you recognize the part of our souls that long for purpose outside of our children. Yes, raising our children to love Jesus and teaching them to love others is our great pride and joy. But there is a niche in our hearts that begs for purpose outside of raising children, married life, going to work everyday, watching tv, checking the mail, doing yard work, and spending time with friends.

I finally asked God what my purpose was. I won’t go through everything I did, read, and prayed. But what I found was that our purpose is to glorify God. Oh yes, I’m going there.

We are God’s greatest pleasure and his highest joy. He adores time spent watching you and spending time with you. He created us so that we could enjoy each other forever. It’s easy for Him to love us. Stop right now, take in a deep breath and breathe it out. There’s proof He loves you and it’s His pleasure that you are His.

How do we glorify Him? There are 4 basic things to keep in mind to start glorifying Him in everything.

Be intentional.

Seek Him on purpose. Stop waiting around for a miracle and testing God at every turn. He loves you. He proved it on the cross. You don’t need to keep asking for a sign. If you feel like God has been silent for awhile, He’s waiting on you to surrender something (or everything) and bring Him all of you. God is not a vending machine for us to request whatever we want on a whim. Prayer needs to be our steering wheel, not our spare tire. If you want purpose, you need to start by intentionally giving up yourself and seeking God in prayer and reading His word. Surround yourself with Godly music and people. Don’t like all that? You won’t find Him acting that way. You need to find a way to be flexible. He’s waiting on you. He’s been waiting on you. All of you.

Be appreciative.

Everything in your life can be used to glorify God. When you take your first sip of coffee in the morning, you can glorify God right off the bat. Thank Him for the warmth or coolness of your morning beverage of choice. Be grateful that caffeine comes out of God’s green earth and can be used to wake you up everyday. Look at your coffee pot and thank God it turned on today. Smile, breathe in, and give God a hearty Good Morning! When you start thanking God for the things He’s given you, you start to remember that all things are God’s things. If we can start to see Him in everything, we glorify His great name.

Imitate creation.

It’s spring time in Texas. (Pollen is on EV-ER-Y-THING) Look at the flowers. Seriously, just look at one. They are gorgeous! They don’t whine and complain about glorifying God or question how to do it. They have a natural flow of praise to God just in being. The sun comes up, they soak it in. The storms rain down, they weather them. They never question God. Their sole purpose is to sustain and beautify this earth for us to enjoy. Don’t feel blessed lately? God gave you flowers. Go look at them, He put them there for YOU.

Stop being so selfish.

Sorry if that was harsh. This has to be said. It’s not about you. It’s about God. Your purpose is to be a living, walking, breathing, talking, diagram of Jesus love. Your life is a story. A story that is intended to show everyone who God is. One of my favorite song lyrics says,

“Let my life be a song, revealing who you are. For you are salt and light. You are love’s great height, you are deep and wide, a consuming fire.”

That is where you will find your purpose. It is to love God and receive His love. Get to know Jesus and then introduce Him to others in your actions, words, and deeds. Let your life be a story revealing who HE is.

Have you found your purpse? Comment below!

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5 thoughts on “What am I here for?

  1. This is an interesting post. I agree that it is very important to find out what our purpose is and that our primary purpose is to glorify God. I recently wrote a post too titled “Why am I here?” You can check it out and let me know what you think.

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