I’m going back to college!

Yep! The title says it all. I wanted to just stop and share this excitement with my blogging family. I’ll be returning to college full-time (online) starting August 17! My major is Communiation Studies with a minor in Biblical Studies.


Because of all of my wonderful fans being so super supportive, now that I’ve been accepted into the school, I wanted to share my admissions essay with y’all. Even though I’ve already been accepted, I always welcome your feedback. Some of the post came from this post earlier this year.

The prompt was “Describe an event or experience in your life and how it will influence your academic work and goals at CCU.”

The morning sunlight gradually pours in through the cracks in the beige toned month-old window coverings. Turning off the coffee pot, I glance at my to-do list for the day. I’m in luck! There’s nothing pressing on my schedule. With anticipation, I fire up my desktop computer and log on to WordPress. Just as I lay fingertips on the keys, my two year old son, Joshua, shouting with glee at the top of his lungs, runs at me full force. At my dear son’s request, after several minutes of precious giggles, I walk away from the computer and settle onto our black leather couch to watch Disney Junior with my tornado of a toddler son. Cozily snuggling with my toddler after all three of our girls are off to school is one of the sweet hidden moments I treasure as a homemaker.

Click! Bam! The front door slams shut. My rough ‘n tough, sensitive, charming, and emotional husband tracks through the living room in three large strides. He forcefully slams his keys down on the kitchen table and paces across the worn-in carpet near the breakfast nook. His gait his agitated, his movements frustrated. I give my sweet boy a kiss on the cheek, leaving him to watch his beloved Mickey Mouse alone. As a gently walk over to my husband, I notice he’s left the worthless pursuit of endless pacing and has forlornly placed his head sorrowfully in his hands. I place my hand on his back. No movement from him. After a few moments of agonizing waiting, he glances up at me tearfully and mutters a sentence I’ve heard several times before, but is the most dreaded of words to a family of six with one income. “I got fired.”

This moment in April of 2014, set into motion a chain of events which completely changed our lives. Unlike times in the past, I had a firm sense of what to do at this point. I wasn’t scared. God had carried us through similar unexpected employment changes. I felt in the depths of my soul God had a beautiful plan for our lives and this was only a small part. I knew God would walk us through every step of this journey. We trusted God had a plan for us and He would use this situation for good. In our small-minded hearts we had no clue God was beginning a 10-month long growth plan which included pain, joy, heartache, loss, confusion, and hope.

Within a month, we packed up our apartment in Conroe, Texas and were on the road to a promising new life in Orange, Texas. A bright, shiny, new job opportunity awaited us along with endless promises for our future. With extraordinary hopes and chins held high we embraced this new chapter of our lives. Regrettably, life often throws hail stones in still waters. The next chapter was to be a short one. It was more akin to a paragraph.

The job my husband had so eagerly accepted was tinged with empty promises on behalf of his employers. In addition to the disappointments met at my husband’s job, the schools in Orange were beyond subpar. God’s “big plan” was not in Orange, Texas. I was confused why God had dragged us across Texas.

After some prayer and challenging decisions, we changed courses again. One month later, we were on our way to Tyler, Texas in search of a fresh beginning. Eager to wipe away the past and renew our spirits, we decided being closer to my husband’s parents in a town we’d never lived in surely would give us the roots, job contentment, and quality education for our children we were so desperately seeking. God was in this. We knew it. We wanted everything He held for us, if only He’d show us what “it” was. With a willing heart and an open mind, we trudged forward.

When we arrived at the house we were to be living in I was in shock. This two bedroom, one bathroom “house” with endless work to be done was no place for a family of six. Frustrated screams froze in my throat, locked in place by the inability to control my situation. Taking a deep breath and muttering a prayer, we embraced the challenge.

Chapter three in this mess did not improve our lot in life. As always I knew God was in the mess, although feeling His grace was about to become increasingly difficult. Life marched on and hit a new financial low.

The first job my husband accepted lasted three weeks. After exhausting all other options, and taking a huge pay cut, he thought perhaps working for the family business was his calling. This decision not only led to more heartbreak and disappointment, but another dissolved relationship as well. I was getting frustrated with God.

We couldn’t find a church to fit the needs of everyone in our family. We needed a place we’d all be spiritually fed and would offer a ministry or place to serve for each of us. No church. No job. Food was scarce. For the first time, I felt the hopelessness of walking into a food pantry once a week. We struggled to keep the house warm and the lights on. Our only vehicle was broken down. There were periods of no cellphone and definitely no internet. We had an antenna to watch the local news, but we were without furniture to sit on together as a family.

The things I did have, were my Bible, endless hours of quiet time to pray (when the kids weren’t causing chaos), and the blessing of waiting on God. It’s amazing with no cellphone or library access how much time you have on your hands to read the Word. I read more of my bible than I have in my entire life. I started a reading plan. In the past, I’d read the New Testament and portions of the rest of the Bible. I had never read the whole Bible cover to cover. It became clear what this time was for. I embraced the struggle, and searched after God with all I had. My faith came out stronger than ever.

God showed me what was important. Him. Just Him. His big plan wasn’t one destination or another. His plan is and always has been deep, personal, communion with us. My mistake was in searching for some self-centered secret hand-crafted plan God was bringing me towards. His goodness is not designed to drag us along through the muck and the mire until He seats us on some God-designed personal throne. His goodness is freely given to us because He loves us and wants nothing more than for us to give ourselves back to Him in a beautiful circular, continuous loop of freely given love and adoration for one another.

With God’s loving hand controlling all things, life began to align itself. Nine months after my husband was let go of his job in Conroe, God brought us to a church we fell in love with. Within weeks, our kids were begging to go to kids’ church and youth group. I joined the worship team, started a small group for stay at home moms, and was given the opportunity to run all the social media for the church. My husband and I serve with the church’s outreach whenever we can. All things were being made new. In addition to our new church family, my husband also found a job he loves and has been with the company for almost six months.

God carried us through every moment in the wilderness. We are still in a cramped house with weak floors, drafty corners, and touchy plumbing…sharing one bathroom. The difference is in our hearts. We know how blessed we are to have a home He handpicked for us. Part of being content in Christ is continuously saying thank you to the glorious riches He provides us right where we are in every moment.

If I am admitted to Colorado Christian University, my experiences of the last year will directly influence how I handle my course work, how I use what I learn, and the thankfulness with which I accept everything handed to me in my time obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Aside from all the deeply personal spiritual gains a degree in biblical studies would offer me, I would carry my knowledge over into the small group I’ve led since April, our worship team, my role as mother and wife, my faith-based blog writing, and one day into employment at my church. After I had seemingly lost everything, I’ve learned to approach all things knowing everything belongs to God. Giving my college experience into His hands directly influences the quality of my school work and the grace with which I will accept instruction and the attitude of servanthood with which I will give back.

God has taught me great depths about who He is. He will never leave us. He is always there. He has a far reaching, untouchable and unfathomable plan. He loves us no matter how bad we think our circumstances are. Upon admission to CCU, I will take all of my strengths, skills, life lessons both harshly earned and easily obtained, and grow in Christ and in character to further enrich myself and most importantly, the lives of others.


Let me know what you think! Also, this is a private university and a little on the pricey side. If you know of any scholarships you can recommend, I’m all ears. Reach me here:

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