The Mighty Mosquito

Here in east Texas, mosquitos aren’t just big, they’re modern day monsters. These suckers are easily the size of my entire thumbnail. I don’t mean the white part…I mean the ENTIRE thumbnail. When a mosquito is nearby, you know it. Consequently, as I jumped in my Texas-sized truck the other day, I slammed the door shut and as I did, I noticed an unexpected traveling companion had swooped in behind me and was now viciously ramming its body full force into the driver-side window.

Although the Texas heat was already coaxing droplets of sweat from my forehead, I hesitated a moment to observe this lone mosquito. Over and over he drove himself into the window, clearly confused why he wasn’t allowed passage to the freedom-space beyond the barrier.

As I turned the engine over, I immediately rolled the window down and my new friend slipped out the window with ease.

I drove away from my house and the mighty mosquito’s window-pounding stuck in my mind. I immediately started to connect what Mr. Mosquito was doing with a struggle we all face on a day to day basis.

How many times do we keep doing the same thing over and over thinking it is the clear pathway to solving our problem? We continuously try the same pseudo-freedom pathway, absorb the pain caused by it, then come back voraciously for more life-draining failure masked as progress. We wrap ourselves up in a spending spree to assert an illusion of control over our finances. Throwing ourselves deeply into a romance novel, we hide from the marital problems right in front of us that need attention. Scrolling down Facebook gives us a hearty daily dose of comparison that drains us of self-worth rather than building us up with encouragement. We self-medicate, thinking that if only we take a pill it’ll help us “get it all done” rather than seeking true-soul rest and allowing God to be our relief and our strength.

The mosquito pounded at the window, imagining it offered freedom, although freedom was only an illusion. Something had to be done to allow him true freedom. We suffer the same plight in our own lives. We seek out things that seemingly promise freedom, but the only true freedom is in Jesus.

Jesus offers us hope, love, and a life rich with blessings. When we give ourselves to Him each day His love transforms us and offers us a freedom and joy we can’t possibly experience when we try to do everything all on our own. We don’t have to stay enslaved and chained to lust, addiction, pride, and the struggle to control our lives. When we leave all of our cares and concerns at His feet, he sets us free. We are free to be ourselves, live a full life, and share His love with others.

Next time life has you pounding into imaginary freedoms, stop and ask God to guide you to true freedom. His ways are higher than yours. He will guide you in the right direction and give you genuine soul rest.

Psalm 23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.”

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