It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke BE STILL Blog Series Part 2- Be Open

Be Open

12107155_684877644947002_7421106121724312230_nSome time a few months ago, I received an email saying I’d been picked for the social media launch team for Jefferson Bethke’s new book, “It’s Not What You Think.” I’m telling you this for one purpose. I want to be transparent with you so you know that I did receive the book from Thomas Nelson publishers…BUT! I had already ordered my copy from Amazon, so this review/blog series was coming out either way! Now, lucky you, you get to read it 🙂

If you’ve read my blog with even a minimal following you’ll notice I reference Jefferson Bethke’s work on the regular. I’ve featured one of his videos here in a previous post. By no means is that my favorite video of his, but it is definitely up there. There’s info about him at that link, if you’re curious.

This review is Part 2 of a blog series called “Be Still.” The purpose here is to review Bethke’s book in a more detailed way. Part 2: BE OPEN.

Be Open- Chapter 8 (You Must Embrace Your Scars)

As Christians we struggle greatly with how to tell people about Jesus. I mean, we know we are supposed to tell people about Jesus, but how do we do that? As a small group leader I think about better ways to teach the bible often. In Bethke’s book, in Chapter 8, he talks about wounds and scars. There’s a wealth of information about healing in the bible, and Bethke does an excellent job explaining how Jesus cleans us and allows our wounds to heal.

12109296_684874478280652_7258777424804594843_nBut the point that stuck out to me in this chapter was not about the healing. What caught my attention was when he wrote about scars. Everyone has physical scars. Some of them have a funny story and some have a serious tale behind them. People love to show off their scars right? Everyone has a different reason for doing so, but the bottom line is scars tell a story. What if we did this more with our faith? What if instead of hiding our scars we started showing them off for His glory?

Bethke uses the symbol of a type of pottery called kintsugi to elaborate on this. In kintsugi, a broken pot, bowl, or cup is put back together using silver, platinum, and/or gold. The effect is amazing and a quick google search will show you how beautiful these broken dishes become when they show off their “scars.”

So often, we don’t want to share our stories because we’re ashamed or embarassed about who we used to be, but Jesus says that’s wrong. He loves you desperately and deeply and your scars are a road map that points directly to the grace God has shown in your life. Each and every scar you have glorifies our King, so don’t hide! We should be sharing our stories, not concealing them. If you want to hear a more in-depth talk on this subject, check out Bethke speaking at Liberty University last month:

Most of this video’s content comes from Bethke’s book, It’s Not What You Think.

You can learn more about Jeff here, and you can read more about “It’s Not What You Think” as well as get the first chapter of the book FREE here.

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***This song, “Storyteller” by Morgan Harper Nichols feat. Jaime Grace really brings home Chapter 8 of #INWYT




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