Who is Scully?


In love w/Jesus, Married 2 my BFF, Mama of 4, Singing is my Joy, Blogger, Bookworm, Texas Rangers & Dallas Cowboys Fan, NFC East Divison Coordinator and NFC East Marketing Division Coordinator at ProFootballSpot.com, and social media manager and small group leader at Rose Heights Church in Tyler, Tx.

I’m really quirky, I love laughing and goofing off. I sing all the time,it’s like breathing for my soul. I don’t have plans on growing up. Writing makes me happy 🙂

Guiding, teaching, and helping others is incredibly fulfilling to me. I hope you find something here that is encouraging and inspiring to you. I aim to lead a life that will be a sweet song revealing who He is to eveyone I meet and interact with. I pray that by visiting this page your faith in Jesus will be strengthened. Most importantly, I hope God is glorified in every word on my blog. If you ever find yourself in need of prayer, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’d love to hear your story and pray for you! Please don’t hesitate to use my Contact/Prayer Link at the top of the Home page.

Click HERE if you would like to read a longer description about me or click HERE to Contact me.  My blog features inspirational messages, personal testimony, recommended reading, music suggestions and support through prayer and counseling.

I don’t just speak, I listen too…and I’d love to hear from you and get to know you better!!:

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