Ladies, You Are So Much More

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Throughout the day, when going through all the craziness surrounding you, how do you speak to yourself? Continue reading

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Running for Your Life

I ease my truck down the dirt road and pull to a stop in the shade. After a busy morning of studying at the library, followed by running errands, I’m exhausted. I plant one, two feet on the overly-dry burnt … Continue reading

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I Want to be a Sloth

Recently I started reading a book called “Life of Pi.” I’ve only gotten 50 pages or so in, so please- no spoilers! For all I know, it’ll end just absolutely rotten, but for now I’m enjoying it. In the beginning … Continue reading

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The Hardest Mission Field

Originally posted on REVIVER:
Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world…

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What I used to be so scared of.

I’m going to  be very vulnerable here.  

bible_beater_tshirt-r9785c201f5644a8f9ed5d159bc660dc6_8naxt_324I am terrified to be labeled a “bible beater.”  This fear started when I was young, like many fears do.  I allowed this irrational fear to direct many of my choices.  Who my friends were, who I was seen with, and who I would and would not date were all dictated by my fears.  My fear even affected big decisions.  For instance, I spent years dreaming of attending Baylor University, but I decided to enroll at Texas Christian University because Baylor’s reputation was more heavily laden with Texas-Christian-University-logoChristian culture than TCU.


calvary-154395_640I grew up going to church and was active in youth group programs.  I even sang in the youth band,  and was well known for this in my community.  

Looking back, I realize at some point I became obsessed with appearing however I felt I should for whoever I was around at the time.  I desperately wanted to be assoicated with Christianity and Christian principles, as long as I didn’t have to sacrifice being liked.

I’m no longer concerned with being liked in the way I used to be.  I am very open with my faith, and I am megaphone-155780_640proud to tell others about my faith, whoever they are.  My concern now lies in being  grouped in with the Christians who give Jesus a bad name by protesting Planned Parenthood clinics, screaming gay-hate, and spewing all kinds of venom about following out dated religious doctrine that would make Jesus himself cringe.


Why the heck am I telling you this?  When I started blogging, I was doing product reviews for Influenster.  Although I still plan on writing a blog that includes product reviews, book reviews, and parenting advice, primarily my posts will be more Jesus-centered.  I find product reviews to be tedious and boring to write, but on occasion I don’t mind them.

Last summer I wrote a post that included blogging advice and a posting schedule here.  I won’t be following that anymore.  During my 6 months away from blogging I took time to focus on determining a direction for my blog, and God just kept speaking to me that I need to give Him everything, which includes my blog.  It’s His anyway, not mine.

I considered starting over with a new blog, but I have some awesome readers, and I don’t want to lose them.  My goal here isto give insight, encouragement, strength, and support with what I write.  

Love you all!!

What are you fearful of?  In what ways has this affected your life?

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