Ladies, You Are So Much More

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Throughout the day, when going through all the craziness surrounding you, how do you speak to yourself? Continue reading

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“But you didn’t get my Zippy Sack!”

About a month ago, my son Joshua and I were grocery shopping inside of our local Wal-Mart. Josh is about to turn 5, and he’s hit a difficult patch in terms of how pleasant he is to take along to the grocery store. Gone is my sweet boy who was just happy to look at things in the store! This kid will not stop asking for stuff most days and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants. Lucky for him though, on this particular day, I’m in a “yes” mood and was attempting to lavish some blessings on my little boy.

Throughout the grocery store, I continuously ask him what types of things he wants and add a few extra requests from him to our list (toys excluded). Aside from the little cringe inside at the grocery bill on the way out, it ends as a good trip (not even crowded!). We start to walk out to the parking lot and I notice Josh’s face is completely downtrodden. This boy is near tears! I start questioning him about what is wrong…… Continue reading

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“I’m cooking like Joshua!”

The late morning light streams through the kitchen window overlooking my front yard. As I stir up a batch of my daughter’s favorite chocolate chip muffins, I stare out my window and think over a million and one things. Piercing … Continue reading

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The Sneakiest Lie Satan Tells Us

He is the ultimate deceiver. Although we don’t always immediately recognize him, we know him well don’t we? He wraps up a lie in a pretty little package with a bow on top and presents it to us with relish. … Continue reading

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Modesty isn’t a naked issue

How much to I have to cover up? Awhile back, that question got me thinking… Last year, I wrote a guest post for a website called The Reviver. Since then, the author of that site, Byron Ellis, has started a new … Continue reading

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